It was past noon, but there was still no movement on the two flanks of the Red Army. If the two wings of the Red Army do not move, the Blue Army's serial stratagems will be out of the question. After lunch, Zhu Haipeng went to the woods alone to think about countermeasures. Jiang Yuerong took a basin of clothes and washed them listlessly in a stream, looking at Zhu Haipeng from time to time. Zhu Haipeng is learning to smoke when he comes back. When a man learns this bad habit, he usually loses it in some way. Zhu Haipeng learning to smoke, can be said to be miserable, smoke a mouthful, to cough a string, every cough, let Jiang Yuerong feel uneasy. Zhu Haipeng coughed in the woods, and his voice was empty, with the echo of the mountain. When Jiang Yuerong put down her clothes and stood up to go to the woods, Staff Officer Ding trotted all the way to the woods, and then Zhu Haipeng followed Staff Officer Ding back to the command post. Jiang Yuerong squatted down again, fished out a big pebble from the water, and beat her clothes hard. Zhu Haipeng picked up a stack of telegrams and looked at them. With a black face, he said, "Order Chu Tianshu to organize forces immediately and take down all the positions 8, 11,non standard fasteners, 12 and 15." "What if they don't move?" Asked Chang Shaole. Zhu Haipeng said: "Then make up your mind to gnaw them down as soon as possible.". Order the mixed infantry regiment to approach the mixed brigade and prepare to attack the reinforcements. Order the engineer battalion to prepare to set up obstacles in the border area of No.4 and No.6. Chang Shaole said, "Huang Xingan has really made progress." Zhu Haipeng said worriedly, "When it gets dark, if they withdraw, they will leave our main force on the road.". You can't do it without preparing for both sides. The two men walked into the war room. Chang Shaole asked, "How many of our babies have crossed the river?" Staff Officer Ding replied, "Eight months have passed,Steel investment casting, and the report says that the Red Army's front line is heavily guarded and has fewer loopholes, which has delayed time.". There is no news of the other twelve. Zhu Haipeng sighed: "If we had stealth bombers, we would have airdropped all the 20 squads in just 20 minutes.". As long as the remaining twelve can pass more than half, the play will be able to sing. Tell Chu Tianshu that he has done enough to eat the middle part of the play. The Blue Army launched an unprecedented attack on the front line of the Red Army Regiment. All of a sudden, four or five kilometers in the horizontal direction and two or three kilometers in the depth of a group of defense areas, the mountains shook and the earth shook, and smoke was everywhere. After the extension of the Blue Army's fire, the infantry, under the cover of tanks, rushed to one high ground after another. Huang Xingan lost his temper at the command post of the first regiment and threw the telegraphic order of the Red Army command post on the ground. "Hit the trick, hit his mother's fart trick, and scare himself with high-tech at every turn.". Hold out for three and a half hours, lose two companies, and before it gets dark, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, the regiment will run out. Jiao Shouzhi picked up the telegram carefully. "Division commander, it seems that you are right. Would you like to send another telegram for instructions?" Huang Xingan, like an angry lion, turned around several times in the war room. "Fear of defeat, fear of defeat, the more you fear, the more you will lose.". Jiao Shouzhi, please send another telegram to reiterate that the main force of a regiment has been entangled by the enemy and will suffer heavy losses if it retreats. He sat down and took a few deep breaths and lowered his voice. "Add this meaning: at the same time, a group is preparing to retreat.". According to the dark evacuation plan, a regiment may suffer heavy losses in the afternoon, and it is recommended to withdraw from the front line in advance. When Jiao Shouzhi drafted the telegram, Huang Xingan picked up the phone again, "pick up the head of the second regiment Jane.". I am Huang Xingan. It is right to connect this telephone line two days ago. Dogmatism has become a common practice. With the development of high technology and automation, even the telephone contact between divisions and regiments is no longer needed. The blue army attacked the first regiment again, and this time it was a fierce attack. Chien Fan said over there, "Division commander, the Second Regiment is ready to encircle the main force of the Blue Army in a roundabout way.". What does Fan Yingming mean by letting him die? Huang Xingan sighed, "Don't mention these personal grudges. Fan Yingming is in charge now.". I'm ready to execute the evacuation order. As soon as we withdraw, your second regiment will be in the front. You have to prepare early. As soon as Chien Fan heard something in Huang Hsing-an's words, he thought for a moment and said, "Thank you, sir.". But Fan Yingming is dozens of kilometers away from the front line, so he should listen to the opinions of the front-line commanders, right? After the exercise, Division a is still Division a of your division commander Huang. We can't just watch him fool around like this, can we? Huang Xingan said, "Let's bear it.".
The matter of the previous exercise, the matter of resisting Fan Yingming as commander, was said to be gone. If someone catches something again, it will be difficult to handle. You get ready. Fan Yingming is the only one who understands this battle. What can he do? Chien Fan took the hint and said, "I see. Let's fight this battle according to Fan Yingming.". However, the Second Regiment should also reflect the correct opinions. "I'm afraid Commander Lin of the motorized infantry regiment doesn't understand this battle either." Three telegrams of request and suggestion from the 1st, 2nd and motorized infantry regiments arrived at the Red Army command post one after another around two o'clock in the afternoon, all with the assurance of resolutely carrying out the order and the suggestion of seeking a decisive battle immediately. Fan Yingming feels more and more pressure. A remarkable characteristic of modern warfare is the enhancement of integrity, and the failure of a part or even a link is likely to lead to the collapse of the entire battlefield. If the Blue Army really aimed at gathering and annihilating a regiment, why didn't it quickly expand its achievements after occupying the No.8 position? Fan Yingming has really felt the side effect of appointing Huang Xingan as the head of the first regiment of the force exercise. The decision made by the Exercise Command Committee is undoubtedly correct from the perspective of the long-term construction and development of the army. However, Huang Xingan is not a regimental commander after all. This has been fully revealed by the tone of the two telegrams. Now, the proposal of the Second Regiment and the Motorized Infantry Regiment is also neither overbearing nor humble, suggesting a decisive battle with the Blue Army, forcing Fan Yingming to use twelve points of strength to deal with the influence from inside and outside. The situation of the regiment is indeed getting more and more serious. The danger of being eaten by the Blue Army already exists. If it does not withdraw before four o'clock, it must be saved by the two wings. However, this is certainly not Zhu Haipeng's real intention to fight. What on earth does he want to do? Chapter 15 (2) Wang Zhongmin turned around in front of Fan Yingming. "The three generals at the front asked for a decisive battle at the same time.". We should always have a clear attitude. If the Blues get behind a group, it will be too late to move again. Liu Dongxu also said: "Xiao Fan, even I,deep draw stamping, a layman, can see the current situation on the front line.". After all, Zhu Haipeng was also trained by our army. Could he be taking a risky move and was ready to eat a group while we hesitated? 。