Hearing that the little rabbit refused to leave, Chien Cheng-yang raised the corners of his mouth slightly, which meant that he was very happy, because the little rabbit told him about her childhood, for the sake of the third child and the illegitimate child, Chien Cheng-yang looked down on his father-in-law's style from the bottom of his heart, and more importantly, because what he hit was his beloved baby rabbit who was afraid of melting in the palm of his hand, and now he wanted him to go to celebrate his birthday? I'm sorry, I can't. Because Bai Xiaoyu came to be the mouthpiece, Jian Zhengyang, who was unhappy to meet him, was even more unwelcome to him, which meant that the relationship between the two people was very bad for a long time. The little rabbit lay on the bed, watching Jane Zhengyang very virtuous to pack up the things to go to the old house tomorrow, he has not lived in the old house for a long time, there are no clothes for him, so although it is three days, but daily necessities and clothes are to be brought, especially his notebook, also have to carry with him, as well as the little rabbit's things, there are several pajamas, take out a favorite. Take this one with you. Honey, what are you doing with that one? Change it. Seeing Jane Zhengyang holding the sexiest pajamas,316ti stainless steel, the rabbit hurriedly stopped, joking, Jane's house is not only her own, when the time comes to wear such a revealing pajamas in front of the elders, she is shameless ah, if there is no man all right, but there is Jane Zhengyang's grandfather, although a big age, but somehow also male ah. I like this one. Jian Zhengyang smiled and touched the lace pajamas on his hand. His baby rabbit was really beautiful to wear. The two suspenders only needed to be pulled gently to the side. The pajamas did not need to be stripped off. In this way, it was more attractive. Whenever he saw the rabbit wearing the pajamas on his body,347 stainless steel, he had a feeling of seizing her and trampling on her. No, should I wear it or should you wear it? "Are you wearing it for me or for you?" "For me, of course." "What?" "Well, it's for you to see, but your grandparents and your mother are still here. If I want to wear this, I won't let them talk to death." "We live on the third floor, and they won't go upstairs casually." Jian Zhengyang touched his chin and said, "There is an independent bathroom in the big room on each floor. Don't go out of the room after taking a bath, and no one will see it." "Don't." The little rabbit still resists. Resistance is ineffective. "Husband ~" "No." "Jian Zhengyang, are you not listening to me?" "No." "Then put this down and take the other one." "Wife ~" "Yes." "This is so ugly." Am I pretty? The little rabbit raised his eyebrows and looked at Jian Zhengyang and threatened. Pretty Jian Zhengyang nodded his head. The little rabbit is satisfied, "This is not, you love me, not beautiful clothes, whether the clothes are beautiful or not, I am beautiful on the line, the most important thing is, as a good husband, 321 stainless steel sheet ,316 stainless steel plate, whether I dress beautiful or ugly, dress up or not, fragrant or smelly, as long as I am still me, even if one day I grow old faster than you, shortcomings are more than you, your love for me is only more and more." Don't make any changes, do you know? "Yes, but wife, what does that have to do with dressing up?" "It doesn't matter, but if you insist on taking that dress, you can sleep with it at night." "Don't." Jian Zhengyang immediately threw the sexy pajamas in his hands, "Wife, I only hold you to sleep." "Be good." The little rabbit was very happy. "Then put the other pajamas in." "Oh." For the benefit of the evening, Chien Cheng-yang surrendered and put the ugly pajamas in his eyes. However, he was always the master who refused to suffer losses, so that night he loved his wife who dared to let him suffer losses. The result of indulgence is that the next day when Jane Qing came to pick them up, the rabbit is holding the waist to walk, although she did not want to, but if not, it is really not a step away.
Look at her face full of vegetables, a face of excessive indulgence, Jane Qing stood in the past to hold the rabbit, dark sigh is the capital ah, but the son is too do not know how to pity, see the rabbit so thin body, can not give people exhausted, the key is that now the rabbit has not given birth to a son and a half daughter for Jane's family, if the body is broken down ahead of time. It's not good to give birth to a child in the future, so from the standpoint of a good mother-in-law, Chien Ching is very dutiful. "Xiaoyang, take it easy next time. It's good to be young, but don't be too indulgent. Especially you don't have a child yet. By the way, rabbit, when are you going to have a child?" "Children?" When the rabbit heard Jane Qing say that, he blushed and asked about the baby. He didn't know how to answer. She was still young and didn't want to have a baby so soon. When they were together, they always paid attention to contraception. But listening to Jane Qing, she hoped that she would have a baby as soon as possible. She could understand the feelings of her elders, but she didn't want to be a mother so early. Jian Zhengyang and Xiaotu are of the same mind. When Xiaotu doesn't know how to answer, he rushes to answer, "We don't want to have children." "Well?" Jian Qing's coda is raised. Zhengyang means that we don't want to have children for the time being. After all, both of us are still young, so there's no need to be so anxious. The little rabbit explained hurriedly. "We want to spend a few years together." "Having a baby won't affect your two-person world." Jane Qing understands the reason for the rabbit, after all, many young people now have such an idea. "I will take care of you after you are born, so that you will have no worries and will not disturb your two-person world. Similarly, if you have a child at home, it will be a lot more fun. When the time comes, I'm afraid you don't want to live in the two-person world, so you want to tease the child." Is there such an exaggeration? Rabbit thought, she is not so reluctant to give up, but Jane said to help her take care of the child, but let her very happy, but in contrast, Jane Zhengyang heard Jane said that having a child did not want to live in the world of two people, just want to tease the child,a333 grade 6 pipe, immediately on the child's resistance, he did not want to let the child take away the attention of the rabbit, so More determined not to let the rabbit pregnant idea.