When the door opened, Su Ziye almost fell down. Fortunately, Shan Zongze held her up. She stood up in embarrassment and stammered, "That what.." Well, ah! I just want the servant to take me around the yard. I really heard it by accident, really, really. He pointed to the servant not far behind him to show that she was really overhearing. But Yeluhua actually likes you. Accept it. "Look at Yelv Hua. She looks like a little girl. It must be fun to play." Shan Zongze narrowed his eyes and said, "Where did you start listening?" Su Ziye thought about it and pretended to blush: "You said that no one else would marry except me." What else did you say before? It must be Yeluhua who confesses his love to you. It turned out that he hijacked me for you. Hey, my rival in love actually didn't mean to like you at all. Yeluhua was oversensitive. What if she heard it all? She had already guessed that everything had something to do with Shan Zongze. After listening to the words just now, Su Ziye also concluded that Tianen was very close to her in Xirong. His heart put down, fortunately she did not listen to all, if not the distance between the two will be farther and farther. It's cold outside. You'd better go back to your room. I need to deal with Yeluhua. "Well, good." Su Ziye nodded and peeped into the crack of the door. "Hey, cousin, in fact, Yeluhua people are really good. Why don't you marry him? I heard that there are many people with broken sleeves in Xirong, and it has become a custom." Shan Zongze glared at Su Ziye bitterly: "Don't talk nonsense!" Su Ziye grinned: "By the way, how does Yeluhua feel about kissing you?"? I wonder if it feels the same as kissing me. After listening to her words, Shan Zongze opened his eyes wide and shouted: "Go back immediately." Then he went in immediately and beat the dead body on the ground again. Yeluhua, the woman who kissed him unexpectedly,jacuzzi suppliers, a desperate guy! Su Ziye left with a sneer, and when she returned to her room, she prepared a little bit of softness. She wanted to leave Fengjiang Hou Fu tonight, and she wanted to find Tianen. The fifth brother Chunyue Embarrassed, Shan Zongze glanced at Su Ziye and saw her yawning. He couldn't bear it. He said neatly, "Cousin, I have nothing to do with Yeluhua. It's just that he has unrequited love. I like women,endless pool swim spa, you know." Su Ziye nodded and yawned deeply: "Well, I know.". Do you like me? Well, go and have a rest quickly. I'll talk about it tomorrow. I can't hold my eyes. "Cousin, don't misunderstand. Then rest early and I'll go." Shan Zongze hesitates to move the step, Su Ziye is sleepy, what did he say that she remembered in the heart? Doubtful. Su Ziye hurried to push Shan Zongze: "If you don't go, I'm afraid I'll sleep to death. Where can you find another Su Ziye when you die?" When the words fell, Shan Zongze was also pushed out of the door by Su Ziye. She said again: "We have been together for so many years. I still don't know your nature. Of course I know that you like women. Have a good sleep. Tomorrow I will give Yeluhua a good beating. If you don't get angry, I will help you.". Go on, go on. Only then did Shan Zongze rest assured and pace away. Before he left, the soft smile of the perilla leaf made his mind shake. He felt a little dizzy. The perilla leaf had not smiled at him like this for a long time. Su Ziye saw him leave foolishly, hurriedly closed the door, went to return the clothes, the quilt on the bed again into the shape of a person lying down, endless pool factory ,endless swim spa, put down the bed curtain. Put the shoes in front of the bed, open the back window in half, and blow out the lights very naturally. She stayed in the cold room for about half an hour and then climbed out of the window. Yelv Hua more listen to the words of Shan Zongze, Shan Zongze said not to have a servant at the door of the room, Yelv Hua did not let people stay here, but also convenient for Su Ziye to escape. Feng Jiang Hou Fu Su Ziye stayed for a long time, not to say very familiar, but enough for her to sneak out. Because of the relatively simple layout of Fengjiang Hou Fu, the front yard and the back yard are distinct, Yeluhua's father has only one wife, so in addition to two main courtyards and a guest courtyard full of wing rooms, other concubines'courtyards do not exist, so there is no need to bother to escape through other people's courtyards. However, Yeluhua's courtyard is the nearest to the front yard, and the discharge must pass through Yeluhua's courtyard, approaching the courtyard, perilla leaves carefully and carefully.
In the middle of the night, there was someone guarding the Yeluhua courtyard. In those days before, Su Ziye had not seen anyone guarding Yeluhua. Could it be that when Shan Zongze came, Yeluhua was afraid that Shan Zongze would make him stronger? Su Ziye heart has doubt, if this person is in, so she does not want to go out. She crouched behind the Moon Gate, trying to figure out how to distract the armored guard standing in the courtyard. Perilla leaf probe, look at the armored bodyguard, the heart of more doubts. Yeluhua's room was clearly the main room in the east. Why was the armored bodyguard standing in the south wing? If she remembered correctly, it was Yeluhua's luxurious study, where the display was more complete than his main house. Was there any secret there? The bodyguard held the sword at his waist in one hand, and his eyes were still looking around. Because the moon was hanging in the northwest, the perilla leaf could faintly see the direction of the bodyguard. The door behind him was heavy in the moonlight, and the chain, which was three times thicker than the twist, looked so cold in the cold night. Who's behind that door? The words of perilla leaves, as light as mosquitoes, fell, and a voice she knew all too well came. It was the sound of a wind instrument, clear and melodious. And the song that came out was "Blessing", which she was very familiar with. I still remember when she was twelve years old, after she and he were rolling and playing in the grass in the western suburbs, he asked her to sing a song. She sat up and sang a song called "Chu Xi", which was taught by her mother. He was not satisfied and said, "This kind of sour Confucian song is not suitable for you to sing. Change it." Listening to his words, she changed a song from her hometown, Jacky Cheung's "Blessing". When she finished singing, he took out a small jade flute that his mother had given him and played the song she was singing. She also laughed and said,outdoor endless pool, "You are in the wrong tune in several places. I'll sing it again. Remember it." He just looked at her with a smile and nodded: "Sing, this time I am careful." She sang it three times before he finished the whole song. He also accepted her ridicule with a smile: "You are so stupid. I sang until my throat was sore, and you just learned it." 。