"It's all ready." Ye Xiu followed him to his logistics development department. Guan Rongfei did not stop them, and although the others were curious, they did not follow up, hiding outside and whispering. What kind of experiment is it? When Ye Xiu saw Guan Rongfei sitting in his seat and turning on the computer, he couldn't help asking. Make an attribute. Guan Rongfei said. What attribute? Ye Xiu was stunned. The attribute of the equipment is naturally the reaction of the equipment. All along, the steps of making silver suits are the attributes that the players want, and the logistics development department will find ways to make them. Of course. Some newcomers may not have such treatment and can only adapt to the role and equipment of the club. But Ye Xiu, in any case, is qualified to tailor the equipment. So the situation at this time is somewhat strange, Guan Rongfei to do an attribute in a big way, but Ye Xiu does not know what this attribute is, he does not know which of the attributes he put forward before need to be so exaggerated. 25 rare materials! "Reduce equipment level requirements." Guan Rongfei does not rely on mystery at this time. He said the attributes of the equipment he wanted to make. Reduce equipment level requirements? Ye Xiu certainly knows what this attribute means, but, "want this attribute." "I want to upgrade the thousand machine umbrella directly to level 80!" Without waiting for Ye Xiu to raise a question, Guan Rongfei had already interrupted to give the answer. Up to level 80? Ye Xiu froze. Apart from people like Guan Rongfei, it's really hard for anyone to bring him such a shock. At this stage,Magnesium Oxide powder, the character is only level 75. If the thousand machine umbrella is 80, of course, it is not equipped, so it is necessary to reduce the equipment level requirements of this attribute. This kind of attribute is quite common in ordinary equipment, but I'm afraid no one in the professional circle has ever studied how to do this attribute. Because the role of this attribute is obviously transitional, it has no meaning for the class character whose level must be the top in the game. However,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Guan Rongfei said that he could make a silver suit of level 80 at level 75, so this attribute, of course, is a key point. How can you do that, you lunatic? Ye Xiu was purely surprised, but did not question, because he believed in Guan Rongfei's ability, he dared to put forward, it shows that there is a certain possibility. Other equipment is not good, but the thousand machine umbrella is OK. Guan Rongfei said. Why "I've been working on this topic for a long time, but I haven't found a way to achieve it on any equipment. I find that the main reason for limiting this breakthrough is that there are too few materials used in the equipment to produce such a powerful change.". However, Qianji Umbrella, caustic calcined magnesite ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, this super-complex equipment is far from being comparable to ordinary equipment. After further refining its materials, I think the thousand machine umbrella can break through to level 80. But before that, I have to try to make the attribute of "reducing the equipment level requirement by 5" with the level 75 material. "Good!"! You do it! Ye Xiu handed over Jun Moxiao's account card. Guan Rongfei logs in and directly takes the material into the equipment editor. He is much more skilled in the operation of this toy than Ye Xiu. I'm going to start. After Guan Rongfei's words, he began to operate with concentration. 5:00.. Well, it's an improvement from yesterday.. If you feel good, please collect the site, so that the next time the convenience of reading. If there is any chapter error, please contact the administrator. This month, we recommend Tang Jiasanshao's latest masterpiece, Peerless Tangmen. See the fastest update, come on! List Volume 1 Chapter 1128 Former Teammates Ye Xiu and Guan Rongfei were locked up in the Logistics Technology Department. Although other people did not go to watch, they were also curious about what the result of the experiment would be, so although the night trip was completely over, everyone was still in the training room. After guessing at random what was going on over there but having no clue, they soon talked about what had happened today. I thought he wanted to bring Fang Rui to our side. He wanted to play the idea of the sea for a long time. Chen Guo sighs with emotion, incidentally certainly has some to despise Ye Xiu to make a feint to the east and attack in the west. Infinite sea? Qigong master? Wei Chen suddenly one Zheng, subconsciously looked at Su Mu orange that one eye, Su Mu orange heard Chen Guo said this, as expected also raised his head, thoughtfully appearance.
"Yes!"! He said that the current strong teams will not be interested in the sea, so it is easier to compete. Chen Guo said. Is that the only reason? Wei Chen smiled. Or what? Chen Guo was puzzled. Didn't you used to be a fan of Jiashi? Wei Chen said. Ah Chen Guo was a little ill-prepared for the sudden problem. Ye Qiufen? Wei Chen also asked. Uh Chen Guo's answer is rather vague, and now quite familiar with Ye Xiu, but also admit this point, that is not to give that guy a long face? Chen Guo really doesn't want to encourage Ye Xiu's arrogance! However, she could not deny the real existence of this thing. Don't you know who was standing beside him when Jiashi won three consecutive championships? Wei Chen said. Ah This question, let Chen Guo think a lot. In fact, when she began to play glory, the glory of Jiashi was over. And the player she liked for the first time was not Ye Xiu, but Su Mucheng. The support for Ye Xiu and Jiashi was all after he liked Su Mucheng. Of course, as a Jiashi fan, it is impossible not to pay attention to the glory of Jiashi's three consecutive championships. At this time to listen to Wei Chen so deliberately point up, Chen Guo is also suddenly remembered. During the period of Jiashi's three consecutive championships, the Jiashi team did not have Su Mucheng. There is no Muyu Orange Wind, and there is no gunner. However, the autumn of a leaf is by no means fighting alone. At that time, of course, there were a group of reliable teammates around him,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and the most mentioned one was Wu Xuefeng. And this man's profession. It is the Qigong master, and the role is full of energy. All this jumped into Chen Guo's mind. The autumn of a leaf, the combination that dominates the alliance for three years. Gunnery division? That was all later. The first character to stand beside Dou Shen was a Qigong master!.