"If Lee's child is really yours, do you want them or me?" This question has to be asked clearly. Wife, I want you! Without thinking about it, Jiro blurted out. What about the child? Thinking of the son who might be his seed, Jiro was very upset. "If so, daughter-in-law, can you.." The daughter-in-law treated the rice ball very well, which he saw in his eyes, so he looked at her hopefully. " Unable Luo Yunchu rudely interrupted him, she is not the Virgin Mary, can help his ex-wives raise their sons without any hard feelings! She was really sincere about the rice ball, because he was right about her, and her birth mother died. Looking at Erlang's gloomy face, Luo Yunchu said softly, "Erlang, if the child is really yours, and Li is willing to return the child to the Song family, let the mother raise it in the ancestral house."? We just give some money and food every month. And soon, we will have our own children. I don't have so much energy to take care of three children at the same time and run the housework. In fact, she could not ask this question, because after the results came out, Jiro did not have to worry about this question at all, but she just wanted him to know her bottom line! She can't give in to everything. Moreover, when he knew that the child was not his,gear reduction motor, recalling this period, he would certainly hate Lee even more and feel more guilty about himself, so he would cherish himself even more. That's why she asked the question. When Jiro and his wife arrived, the hall was already full of people. As soon as Li Shi saw Erlang, he came forward excitedly with the child in his arms. Erlang ignored her and pulled Luo Yunchu to the chair on the left side. As soon as Luo Yunchu sat down, he looked up and saw Mrs. Song sweeping around her and Li with a lively expression on her face. Her mouth moved. "Elder brother, sister-in-law is pregnant with her body. It's not appropriate to be too nerve-racking and overworked, is it?" Big Lang asked Tianxiao to come over and help her back to her room,Small Dc Gear Motor, but she refused anyway. They were worried about her body and dared not touch her violently, so they let her stay in the hall. Jiro, this is the son I gave you. Look, how much his nose and eyes look like you? Li Shi came over. Jiro frowned and stared at the child for a moment, then shook his head. "I can't see it." Luo Yunchu took a glance, sneer in the heart, this Li Shi is really a stupid woman, where can such a small child see who is like? She doesn't look like one! "Li Shi, what evidence do you have that this child is Jiro's?"? Don't talk about whether it looks like or not. We are not fools. You can fool us. Song mother cares about children, although the Song family is not a rich and noble family, but also do not want to raise a son for a cat or a dog! The author has something to say: to justify the age of the rice ball, well, he should be three years old, er. I can't count well. I made a mistake. The text got what it deserved Words in this chapter: 4946 Li Shi hugged his sleeping son tightly, "Dog Egg was born on the eighth day of June, which can be testified by people in our village." After she was divorced and returned to her mother's home, her brother and sister-in-law disliked her shame and found a man for her to force her to remarry in a few days. So she did not know who the child was, small geared motors ,Planetary Gear Motor, and half of the child was probably Jiro's. I was divorced in the middle of September last year, and the baby was born in June, which is a good time. However, the possibility of premature delivery cannot be ruled out. Don't do this. What you say doesn't prove that the child is mine. Just because Erlang is silly doesn't mean he's stupid. He still understands these common sense. As soon as Li Shi choked, she did not expect that the first person to question her would be Jiro, who she knew was very fond of children. Now that he has brought him another child, he should be so happy that he is dizzy. Looking at the silent Li Shi, Luo Yunchu's heart is not without ridicule, but his face is not obvious. Lee, are you playing everyone for a fool? Why didn't you get it back immediately when you were pregnant? A year later, she came back with a child, saying that it was Jiro's child, for which a discerning person could see at a glance. He watched the Song family stand up. Drop blood to recognize your relatives. Mother Song, who had been silent for a long time, opened her mouth. Wait, Lee, you go to the yard first. With a straight face, Erlang drove the aggrieved Li out of the hall. He was really disgusted with the woman.
"Mother, what if this child is mine?" Mother Song was stunned. She glanced at Luo Yunchu. "This.." "Mother, you don't want to leave your mother and son, do you?" It was easy for Jiro to guess what Song's mother was thinking. Hearing this, Luo Yunchu pursed his lips. Song mother nodded slightly, she did have this idea, but Erlang daughter-in-law.. "Niang, have you ever thought about the purpose of Li's visit this time?"? Even if this child is the blood of our Song family, do you think she will let go easily? I dare say, with her temper, she will certainly take the opportunity to blackmail, I do not know what she wants, but certainly not small. Erlang just looked at Li's bosom holding the son who may be his own bone and blood, the heart unexpectedly did not have half a wave, did not see the rice ball, feel love and pain. He only felt calm, as if he were looking at a stranger, and with it a sense of annoyance. Erlang can say this, Luo Yunchu is very surprised, in her half a year together, Erlang smart time is not much, most of the time is silly and silly, just on the way to the main house is still, now how? In fact, she did not fully understand Jiro, before Jiro, just a matter of relatives, he did not want to care too much about it. And just now he suddenly heard the news that Li had given birth to a son for him, and his mood was difficult to calm down for a moment. He is not a man with a flexible mind, and he is not thinking much when he is upset. Just saw Li Shi, all sorts of loathing of the past then float to the heart, diluted that irritability. It is extremely difficult to figure it out now. So what do you mean? "No, let Li take her son back to live a good life. We don't know about this today." Even if this child is his, he also does not want, if wants to represent and Li Shi has involves the endless trouble! "But he may be your blood and bone." Mother Song was shocked. Even if he is really my son,Brushless Gear Motor, I do not want, I want a son, I will give birth to my daughter-in-law! Jiro looked at his daughter-in-law and said.