Strong and twisted pythons beat the light curtain in turn. No, they were not pythons. They were flexible and strong vines. The black roots were deep in the ground and could not be seen to the end. Countless dark dolls lurked outside, with wooden hands and feet, but their eyes were very flexible, staring at the people in the light curtain. Heart Sutra woman anxiously looked at her fading mouse and a withered tree in the flower garden. "It's been three hours since I went in. Why hasn't Shi Qiulin come out yet?" Teacher Du was still calm. "Don't panic. That girl won't hurt him. It took you a lot of effort to get your mouse." Heart Sutra woman is very worried about gains and losses, "I am not nervous, he succeeded, our team is stable." Cao Zheng stood on tiptoe and looked at the teaching building, murmuring, "Why doesn't anyone come out?" "It's not that easy today." Wang Jiayu comforted himself with his eyes staring at the other side: "Just for Xiaoxue's Baymax, the last doll is no match for her." Hong Hao wanted to say that the previous checkpoint was not easy, and he swallowed the words back to his stomach: "Three teammates are inside." Teacher Du, do you think you can all come out? Teacher Du looked solemn and said slowly, "There is hope for the four-corner game in front of us. The key is whether we can distinguish between people and ghosts when the wind blows.". As for the last doll, Yaozu Xiaoxue and Fuge Baihan are more than enough. Zhou Jinyang, I don't know, Sui Jun, who saw it? "I haven't seen it for two days." The flustered Cao Zheng looked at the golden rosary on Hong Hao's wrist. How can Zhou Jinyang be so stupid? Xiao Bai even lent him the beads to save his life. If he can't get out again, he can. But there is no way. Picking up the amulet, Wang Jiayu looked down at the imperial guard hanging around his neck. It was a small cloth bag of pure black with a gold border. The corner of the bag was decorated with a gold bell the size of a thumb. Inside the bag was an Esoteric Buddhist Sutra copied by an eminent monk with painstaking efforts. When they broke open the treasure house of the wine-swallowing boy, the guards glowed in the darkness, just as they do now. Without it, it is impossible to get through the game on the fifth day. The gold-rimmed glasses did not know the anxiety of their companions outside. There is an emperor in our world,wholesale plastic pallet, Qin Emperor, Han Wu, Tang Zong and Song Zu. He is one of the Han Wu. He is very successful in opening up territory and raising the prestige of our country. Emperor Wudi had an empress named Empress Wei Zifu, whose younger brother and nephew were both famous generals. Empress Wei gave birth to a crown prince for Emperor Wudi. In his later years, Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty was fatuous and unscrupulous, which led to the rebellion of witchcraft. A treacherous court official killed the crown prince and the empress, implicating hundreds of thousands of people. It was too late for Emperor Wudi to repent and issue an edict against himself. The thing you told me to find is witchcraft. I have burned the body of the doll, as long as we carry it through tonight, we can completely destroy it,plastic trash bins, and you don't have to hide from it anymore. The girl in green skirt smiled shyly: "Thank you, Shi Qiulin." Gold-rimmed glasses look at her, seriously said: "Mu Ying, I ask you, you think about it, I can wait for three days." I didn't mean anything else. I just thought that once we left, you would be alone again. Although the witchcraft is gone, but here is so big, no one can talk to you, strange boring, it is better for everyone to be lively together. You stayed here after graduation, and you didn't go outside. I happened to be the opposite of you. I went abroad to study after graduation, and then went to Beijing to develop.. He said seriously, in front of the green skirt girl already soul flying out of the sky, he is really like Zhan teacher that is a gentle, mature and steady man, mobile garbage bin ,plastic pallet box, the first day of school she was late, hurriedly fell at the school gate, legs are broken. The teacher in charge of the class, Mr. Zhan, sent her to the infirmary and poured a cup of hot water before leaving. Through the glass of the infirmary, she could see the beautiful flowers blooming all over the trees in the flower garden. Holding the hot water, she thought, "The teacher is really handsome.". I can't forget it. For Mu Ying, it is the greatest happiness to see Mr. Zhan in the classroom every day. Three years passed in a flash, Mu Ying and all the senior three students went their separate ways, but she was the most visited by all the students, and every time she came back, she would go to the beauty tree to have a look. Teacher Zhan has a wife and a daughter, and always treats his students with courtesy. Mu Ying worships and admires them even more, and his feelings are difficult. When she graduated from university, Mu Ying also wanted to be a high school teacher and began to work hard for her goal.
When she was about to be admitted to her alma mater, her dependent mother died in a car accident, and the heartbroken Muying was like a walking corpse who just wanted to see teacher Zhan again. On that day, the beauty blossomed just right. Muying, who was so distressed, leaned against the tree and looked at Zhan, who was busy preparing lessons. It was getting dark, and she never opened her eyes again. Flowers bloom and fall, clouds roll and relax, the bustling campus in the past is increasingly dilapidated, witchcraft vines grow inch by inch under the campus, Zhan teacher has long passed away. More than five hundred and sixty years later, Mu Ying thought that she would slowly decay under the beauty tree, and never dreamed that she would see the man in front of her. He murmured, "Our world is not quite the same as yours, nor is it completely different, but in detail it is.." "Shi Qiulin," said Mu Ying, a girl in a green skirt. The gold-rimmed glasses were stupefied. "Yes." "I don't know how to go." The girl in the green skirt looked up at him, thinking that Mr. Zhan was standing in front of her again. I don't want to leave this tree, and I can't leave it, and I can't leave here. Can you help me find a way? Chapter 85 four corners game seven. May 19, 2017 The first time I met Yanji in my dream, Bai Han thought her patron saint had come, and then found that she was only interested in her skin and dagger snake. On the seventh night, in a corner of the dark classroom, Bai Han saw the peerless beauty turning into blackened wreckage in front of her eyes. Bai Han had no fear at all. After a slap, the other party was unwilling to leave. It should be the end, right? Bai Han, who was waiting in the corner, secretly estimated that the four-corner game was just so so, and the problem was how to distinguish the ghosts among the other three. Brother Hao probably has a problem. What about Teacher Du and Ling Yaozu? It was a long road in the dark, and Bai Han, who had been patient for a long time, held the wall at a constant speed. A dim light appeared on the left front, and Bai Han's footsteps kept sweeping away out of the corner of his eye: It was a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old,wholesale plastic pallet, who looked very much like Bai Han, and was being pestered and pulled by several small hoodlums. The poor girl struggled for help, but she couldn't get rid of them. It's cousin Bai Rong!.