I said, "It's a big deal that a good man should be a good man, and I will fill one life with one life." But you have to find out who the woman in the basement is before you turn yourself in? Why would she look exactly like the survivors of a plane crash decades ago? Why did Mrs. Kang insist that the room had been vacant for many years and that no one lived in it? In short, we should first ask Mrs. Kang to understand, and then do the reason. Confused and panicked, I didn't want to stay in the room for a moment. I took Gao Jie to the other end of the corridor and knocked on Mrs. Kang's door. Without waiting for me to ask a question, Mrs. Kang saw the blood on my face as if she already knew what had happened. She looked sad and kept saying, "Buddha is merciful, Buddha is merciful.." Seeing this, Gao Jie and I felt more and more strange. We were full of doubts and wanted to ask, but we didn't know where to start. Old Mrs. Kang dragged us into the room and told us what had happened in this ancient building: this building was first built in 1869. It is located in the upsurge of the rental area of Yuyuan Road. It is close to the "running field" and is called "three running" together with horse racing and dog racing. It is the most prosperous place, so the location is excellent. During the period of the Republic of China, a gentry named Lu Weixian bought No.13 Yuyuan Road. In his early thirties, he is already a powerful figure in the securities and exchange industry. The so-called "securities exchange" refers to the trading of stocks and bonds as speculative chips. The characters in this speculative market have the same mentality of making a fortune, but they have their own ingenious means. It's like a school of fish fighting for food. Big fish eat small fish, and small fish eat shrimp. This is the most common phenomenon. How much money you make depends on your ability. But in the storm, there is also a particularly big fish, which opens its big mouth and swallows the big fish and small fish and shrimps together. This is the super organization linked to the privileged class of the government. Lu Weixian is the elite of this organization. He came from a distinguished family, and he was in this lucrative business, so he had a lot of money,Theobromine Powder, and he was very successful. At that time, Lu Weixian's wife, Lin Qing, was very beautiful. But there are people who know how to judge her as a husband. Lu Weixian is not superstitious and never takes it to heart. However, after moving into No.13 Yuyuan Road, something unexpected happened. Once Lin Qing came back from visiting relatives, his plane crashed on the way and crashed near "Menling". That area is a mountainous dense forest,D BHB Factory, due to the limited conditions, there is no way to rescue, all think that Lin will die. Unexpectedly, after more than a month, she actually walked out of the mountains alive, and was later found and rescued by the mountain people. As the only survivor of the crash, it caused quite a stir at that time, and was reported by major newspapers and periodicals. "A total of five of them survived," Lin said of the crash. He walked for many days in the uninhabited mountains, eating wild fruits to satisfy his hunger and drinking mountain springs to quench his thirst. Poor other four people, some were dragged away by wild animals, some fell to the cliff and died, and finally came out alive, only Lin Qing. Lu Weixian thought that his wife was lucky to escape from death, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, and since then he has taken good care of her for fear of losing his beloved wife again. But he gradually felt that his wife, who had survived the crash, was somewhat abnormal, as if she was a different person, but it was difficult to say exactly what was wrong. (6) Bodhisattva in the flesh Lu Weixian paid more attention and finally discovered that his wife's behavior was strange. She never ate or drank, not one or two meals or three or two days, but never ate anything. Every time she ate, she pretended to cover up and secretly threw away the food. Lu Weixian was so puzzled that he even suspected that the wife who appeared at home was a monster in the deep mountains, and that the real wife had died long ago. In order to get to the bottom of the matter, he began to investigate, collected a lot of newspaper news at that time, and secretly peeped at his wife's every move, and finally made the matter clear, forcing Lin Qing to eat face to face.
Lin Qing see really hide but, had to confide the truth, when the crash did have five people survived, but there are no wild fruits and mountain springs in the mountains, out for a long time can not see the traces of people and animals, these people are so hungry that their eyes are green, looking to be starved to death, but unexpectedly found an ancient temple hidden between the cliffs, the temple for a shrine, I don't know which Dynasty or which generation left a historic site, and there was an ancient corpse sitting cross-legged inside. The face and skin of the ancient corpse were lifelike, the skin was ruddy and seemed to be broken by blowing, and the strangest thing was that there was a strange fragrance on the body. One of the survivors, who was more knowledgeable, told the other four that this was a "Bodhisattva in the flesh" who had attained the Tao, and that his primordial spirit had been transformed, leaving his body here empty. Legend has it that the Tang Priest was a golden cicada elder who came down to earth. If he ate a piece of meat, he could live forever. It was also a rare opportunity for us to see this sitting "Bodhisattva in the flesh". The rest of the people listen to his meaning, unexpectedly to eat the flesh of this ancient corpse, is really "the day is dark without the heart black, how can the mountain be dangerous and the world be dangerous"? Some of them believe in religion and would rather die than do it, while others think that starvation is a small matter and that eating the flesh of a dead body is too terrible. Even if they eat ancient corpses thousands of years ago, are they still human beings? There are also some people who have been inspired by the fact that ancient corpses cannot be eaten, and bodhisattvas in the flesh cannot be eaten either. If you do such a tragic thing as scraping gold on the face of the Buddha, you will be punished, but isn't there a living person who can be slaughtered and eaten in front of you? As a result, there was a dispute between them. They were fighting for their lives. Lin Qing could not dissuade them. In the chaos, he was pushed down by someone. He hit his head on the rock wall and lost consciousness. When he woke up, he found that the four people had disappeared. Maybe they all fell from the cliff and died in the deep ravine. She was eager to survive, and because she was so hungry that she wanted to eat everything except herself and the rocks and soil, she couldn't help cutting the meat from the ancient corpse with pieces of gravel and stuffing it into her mouth. From then on, Lin Qing never wanted to eat again. She felt sick at the sight of food. She wandered alone in the mountains for many days before she was finally rescued and returned home. She begged Lu Weixian to keep the secret for herself. At this time,Thyroid Powder Factory, she also regretted that she should not have eaten the "Bodhisattva in the flesh". She was afraid that she would be punished by God sooner or later. But her love for her husband was as deep as the sea, and she could not bear to be separated, even if it was good to get together for one more day. pioneer-biotech.com