"There is no one here." He pecked her in the face, and his voice suddenly became ambiguous. "What are you afraid of?" After arriving here, no one really passed by, and even the cars had only driven a few. I'm not afraid. She hugged him and leaned on his shoulder and said, "It's warm in the car." "Well.." Gradually, he took off those obstructive covers for her. "So?" The contact of his fingertips with her skin made her a little itchy, but she bit her lip and asked him, "Did you choose here on purpose?" He laughed and blew his voice close to her ear, deliberately. Try it. Her body immediately went limp. He soon undressed her almost, then touched her back and stroked her gently. The rough cocoon touches on it, Qin Fei's body is like a trace of electricity, the whole person straightens up. He fiddled with the hair in her ear, saw her shy face, and comforted her softly. "Relax. I'm not used to it yet." She snorted, as if discontented, and reached down with her hands to prove herself. It took her a while to pull him out. He looked down quietly, smiling more and more, did not dare to disturb the atmosphere, see her clumsy and helpless, and finally slowly self-taught, holding him a little bit to sit down. Broken work is too fast, Pei Sheng himself has not yet reacted to come over, he felt contained by a warm wetness, panting in a hurry. Qin Fei also did not slow down, she felt the force of obstruction, was wandering between the advance and retreat, has been holding the hand on the waist clasped her, pressed her down suddenly,manganese beneficiation plant, the moment two people close to each other, she could not help but cry out. After a long time, she began to laugh, and then felt the body of the car shake suddenly. The force came from him, and it drove the whole car. Qin Fei immediately hugged him and asked in horror, "The car won't slide down the hill, will it?" He froze and laughed. "No." The car body began to vibrate for the second and third time. Qin Fei felt the shaking of the sky, accompanied by countless deep in the body, blurred the immediate line of sight. Sweating all over, she turned her head to rest,Portable gold trommel, only to see something falling outside, white pieces, like a dream. It turned out that the scenery on the mountain was so beautiful that she didn't want to go down all night. Until a certain moment, the man on her body took a break, touched her face to wake up and said, "It's snowing." Qin Fei intoned, slowly opened his eyes, pupil focus, saw the window covered with a layer of fine white snow, more and more. She woke up completely, her eyes full of surprise, reached out to touch, and the man lifted from him. When the window rolled down, the fierce wind whistled in with small snowflakes, and both of them shivered violently. Qin Fei quickly dipped a pile on the window glass, frolicked, and then mischievously wiped it on his neck. Don't move! He roared. Pei Sheng grabbed back her arm, took her to the side, quickly rolled up the window, coltan ore processing ,mineral flotation, then lowered his head and bit her, and said fiercely: "I forgot what I was doing so soon. It seems that I have to clean up." Qin Fei's playfulness has not yet risen, and people are overwhelmed by him and sink again. The snow outside is getting more and more, and the temperature has dropped below zero, which is freezing. Inside the car, the temperature rises instead of falling, lingering in the entanglement of love, floating and dizzy with the ups and downs of the car body. The author has something to say: I wrote at two o'clock yesterday, but it was too late to sleep, so I followed today's share. It's too late to write the theater. If you want, you can make it up tomorrow. Then, this chapter asks. Chapter 45 45 The first snow did not fall heavily. At first, it looked swift and violent, rolling down in the night wind, but before it became a climate, the momentum gradually weakened and swayed. It was at that moment that Pei Sheng drove the car steadily down the hill and merged into the traffic flow in the city. Qin Fei was already tired and paralyzed in the car, her cheeks were pink, her whole body was weak, and she was soft and muddy. He seemed to be cramping from her, full of energy, occasionally glancing at the person lying in the back seat, breathing shallow and sleepy. Pei Sheng called out to her. She gave a lazy hush, half asleep and half awake, and did not want to talk to her. He suddenly said that the car had slid down the hill, and it happened that the road bumped a few times.
She suddenly woke up for a few seconds, suddenly opened her eyes, lay down and looked out of the window, the street lights were bright and the traffic was busy, and then she realized that he was lying to her. With a plaintive cry, she lay down again and could not cry out again. Pei Sheng drove all the way home downstairs, put out the fire, and reminded her to get off. Qin Fei lay comfortably, enjoying the feeling of being contained by warmth, and was reluctant to move for a long time. He shouted a few times without response, but pushed the door out of the car, opened the back door to go in, closed her clothes tightly, buckled her hat and pulled her up, and then turned around and let her lie on her back. Qin Fei was dragged by him, simply with his fiddling, homeopathy around his neck, limbs on his body to grasp. Pei Sheng carried her out of the car, threw her backhand on the door, stepped on the wet and cold snow, and walked step by step to the building. There are still fine particles in the air, which seem to be absent. Surrounding is very quiet, quiet only the accumulation of footsteps, cold in the whole body surrounded, Qin Feiser shrank his lower body, suddenly hugged him. Pei Sheng stopped for a moment and weighed her down again. He turned his head sideways and said to her, "You are so afraid of the cold. Why don't you run two laps in the snow?" She buried herself on his shoulder and shook her head. "No." He made a gesture to put her down. Take a run. She felt that he was crazy and immediately coiled him like an octopus: "Hurry up, it's so cold." He chuckled twice, as a joke, and walked on. With such a poor constitution, I will continue to exercise with me tomorrow. She secretly grunted, blaming others for being weak, not comparing herself, and venting all her exuberant strength on her. Back home, Qin Fei foot landed almost did not stand firm, the previous body pain is still faintly attack, walk two steps are soft. Pei Sheng asked her to wash first,gold CIP machine, but when she turned around, she went straight to the big bed in the bedroom. She was so sleepy that she lay motionless on it. He had no choice but to pull people up and help them clean up. After that, they were tired and hugged each other to sleep.