The pool area of this community is very small, the elevator is naturally not big, two men who do not deal with each other in such a narrow space, it is simply mutual torture. He San wanted to bury his face in the clivia, he felt that there was space for Chu Hanyu, and the air was not so kind. If he looked at that face for one more second, he couldn't help smashing the flowerpot. The elevator stopped on the thirteenth floor. As soon as He San got out of the elevator, he saw that the door had opened. A woman with a pale face was wearing warm home clothes and a coat and looking at the door. Boa's father. He Sandeng's face changed greatly. "Baby, why did you come out? The doctor said you couldn't blow. Go back and be obedient." He San held the flowerpot in one hand and carefully coaxed the woman back to the house with the other. There is a guest. "The woman kept looking back.". He San's face sank. "You don't have to pay attention to a guy who doesn't know what he's talking about." Chu Hanyu thought for a moment about the woman's back, some uncertain tunnel "Su Li". He San's hair exploded in an instant, like a cat whose tail had been trampled. "Shut up, Su Li, you taught me to call her Mrs. He." The woman turned around and looked at old Chu for a long time. Suddenly she clapped her hands and realized, "Chu Dashao." In the living room, three people sat down around the tea table. Chu Hanyu's mood is very complicated. Su Li, the flower of the Department of Liberal Arts at that time, the apple of Professor Su's eye, a serious scholarly family, one of the few women he looked up to when he was a student,ibc spill containment pallet, actually married He San, a dandy, who was at least rich and powerful, and married He Daxiong, who had achieved nothing and failed. He Mu seemed to see through his worries and asked with a smile, "Do you think all the good cabbages have been arched by pigs?" Chu Hanyu this woman is still so sharp. He Sanqin's wife "Just kidding." Mother He seemed to find infinite pleasure in teasing two old men. When she had laughed enough, she said,drum spill pallet, "Seeing you is like going back to school. I'm quite happy. You talk first, and I'll make tea." When Mother He laughed, the pear vortex was looming, and there was the shadow of her youth. She is not the kind of beauty with prominent facial features, but a natural temperament, so the years also give her special treatment, not seen for many years, people around her will still feel comfortable because of her existence. Chu Hanyu finally stopped feeling sorry for his wife and said, "He San, I came here today to have an open and honest talk with you." What do we have to talk about? "We all did something wrong in those years. I have thought about it carefully. I am willing to compensate you as much as possible." Chu Hanyu thinks, this age, the most important thing is to pave the way for future generations. He didn't want to make an enemy of that woman, and he was really wrong about that year. But then again, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, with the situation of the He family at that time, without Chu Hua, there would be others. He thought that the price of the original purchase was reasonable. Although he drove the He family out of the house, he was only in debt to collect money. For others, there were even more excessive ones. After all, the He family offended many people at that time. He San stood up and observed Chu Hanyu from left to right. After a while, he said, "Are you all right?" Old Chu's forehead veins burst, "He San, when you sold He Shi, you also nodded. Qian Chuhua didn't give a penny less. I think you've had a good time these years. It's boring to hold a grudge like this." "When did I remember your enmity?" He San felt that there was something wrong with this man. He had a good life. His wife was beautiful and his son was handsome. He had time to hate him. "You don't hate me," Chu Han did not believe, "you don't hate Chu Hua." "Why should I hate Chu Hua?" He San thought it was funny. "I haven't seen you for more than 20 years. You suddenly came to my door to talk about compensation for this gentleman. Do you have any illness?" It's not easy for this man to live to this day without being beaten to death. Chu Hanyu took a deep breath. He repeatedly observed He San's expression and confirmed that he was not lying. In the past, the main reason why he disdained He San was that he was really not smart enough to be a little stupid, not to mention pretending. In that case, he doesn't understand. Then why do you hate me? After all, he San has been hostile to him since we met.
He San opened his eyes wide, as if looking at a retard again, "Do I have to have a reason to hate you?" Chu Hanyu has been better than him since he was a child. He is smarter than him and richer than him. The point is that all the girls in the school like him. His precious wife may even be one of them. Isn't that enough for him to hate Chu Hanyu? Chu Hanyu decided not to dwell on this issue. He pointed to the girl on the screen of his mobile phone and showed her, "Do you know this person?" He San took one look and smiled, "Isn't this a little magic? This is a trainee of my Dabaoer Company. This is a good child. What's wrong with her?" When He Mu was in hospital, Shen Qi helped a lot, so He San liked the little girl very much. In private, he also helped the monosodium glutamate factory with He Mu. Her family only eats magic MSG now. He San thought he understood. He looked at Lao Chu in a complicated way. "You're not here to chase stars, are you? Then you should go to my company. Why do you come to my house?" Are you ashamed to be a bastard at your age? Chu Hanyu resisted the impulse to beat people and picked out the screenshot of the target, "Look at this again." He San said, "Wow, it's a little magic shot. I didn't expect her to be as powerful as the elder sister in those years." I miss the elder sister's head very much. If the elder sister's head is here, this man surnamed Chu will never dare to go to his house. I'm afraid Chu Hanyu is not a fool. Three minutes later, he San, who finally figured out the cause and effect, frowned, "You mean, the little magic is the big sister's head." "You can't go wrong, that's her." Even without these coincidences, the character setting and transformation of Shen Qi are so strange that there is no other explanation. Perhaps because of the mention of the elder sister, He San's hostility seemed to weaken a little, he looked at Chu Hanyu with some pity, "Old Chu, I've been scolding you in my heart just now, it's my fault." Chu Hanyu didn't say it all in your heart. Thank you. With a deep sigh, He San changed his attitude and said gently,plastic pallet price, "The elder sister didn't mean to target you at the beginning. She is loyal and can't see that we are suppressed by you everywhere. Don't hate her too much.". By the way, how are you now? Has the child grown up? Give me a call. The front sounds normal, but Chu Hanyu has a bad feeling. binpallet.com