Zhang Bin's body has fallen on the ground in an instant, and at the moment there is still a hundred thousand miles away from the original space tunnel! At ordinary times, only one second can reach the speed of millions of miles per second, but in this space, it is not easy to tear the space, the speed is only ten thousand miles per second, there is no time to escape. Hurriedly went to help Yang Yong, who was stunned by Tianwei, and fell beside Zhao Mingzhe, nodding to Zhao Mingzhe quickly. Zhao Mingzhe Yao Yao teeth, around the face of the people, a few people at the moment in addition to Bai Qi and Zhang Bin in Wang Feng's side looking at the sky above the shaking Tianwei, the rest of the people have been around their own side, looking forward to looking at themselves. At this moment, Zhao Mingzhe felt a great pressure, although he is already a pseudo-saint of the top cultivation, but also has the law of space, broken Hong Jun Lao Zu created space for him is still too difficult, but this is related to their own statement, the heart also dare not be careless, a heavy nod. Zhao Mingzhe broke his finger, the blood on his finger dripped down like free money, and the space around several people trembled slightly! Zhao Mingzhe's face was red, and a mouthful of blood almost spurted on Wang Tian opposite him, but he was tired by Wang Tian, and his eyes flashed a deep sense of tiredness. There was no trace of blood on the whole body, as if the blood in the whole body had been drained as soon as it came out. Just already used ten percent of the magic power,turmeric extract powder, pay so much Jing blood, also just let the surrounding space shake violently! Zhang Bin seemed to be aware of the situation behind him. He turned around and gave Zhao Mingzhe an indifferent smile and said, "Don't worry so much. Anyway, Wang Feng is in front of us. Just break the exit that can accommodate one person first!" Zhao Mingzhe nodded, took a deep breath, mobilized the power of the remaining space law in the Dantian, and in an instant covered his whole body. The wound, which had not been bleeding just now, suddenly dripped down from the body without a trace of blood. "Tick-tock, tick-tock!" The sound fell on the ground,lutein eye complex, shaking everyone's heart! Although the sky above the thunder rolling, but in the following six people, but can feel each other's heartbeat, no one can calmly face death, not even Hong Jun Lao Zu. Although Wang Feng is sure that he can resist the thunder and lightning, but he is not sure that he can completely block the aftermath of the thunder. As long as the sage-level mana hurts Zhang Bin, they are not easy to do. The time and experience consumed are not tens of thousands of years. What's more, if he misses too much mana, it is possible that all of them will die here! But now in this situation, there is no good way, the heart is very anxious, but the face is more and more calm, as if did not see the sky, looked back at a few people, self-deprecating shrugged his shoulders and said: "You are careful, if I miss any magic, you dodge first, do not resist." Text 325. Azure shows its power Wang Feng stared blankly at the purple thunder that had already appeared in the sky, feeling a little uneasy in his heart, fenugreek saponins ,tannic acid astringent, and he was completely not sure that he could completely intercept all these magic powers. Suddenly in the sky, six thunderbolts fell from the sky at the same time, each as big as a thumb, in the direction of the crowd. The speed of purple thunder is very slow, very slow, after the purple thunder falls down, originally the dark cloud is dense, the thunder bursts of the sky suddenly quiet down! Dark clouds dispersed without warning, the sky was clear for a while, although there was no sun in this space, but it was also particularly bright, people's eyes could clearly see the traces of purple thunder in the sky, where the thunder passed, leaving a faint purple gas, bringing up the air in the air, very gorgeous, very beautiful, very beautiful. Hidden under this beautiful thunder, there is an incomparable crisis waiting for them.
Wang Feng's face changed again, and he couldn't help looking back. At the moment, Zhao Mingzhe's face was so pale that the continuous sound of "tick, tick" that could have been heard could not be heard now! Because Zhao Mingzhe's body has no trace of blood, even blood can not be low down! Aware of Wang Feng's eyes, Zhao Mingzhe turned his head with difficulty! With a bitter smile on his face and an unexpected hoarse voice, he said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I don't think I can help you. It's up to you!"! Death is good, "said, a loose heart, the consciousness of the mind was immediately occupied by fatigue, a tilt of the head, the body also fell to the ground!"! Wang Feng's bitter smile, feeling Bai Qi, Zhang Bin, Wang Tian, the eyes of these three sober people are focused on their own body! Can only a bitter smile, waved: "all stand behind me, although I do not know this has no effect, Zhang Bin you all be careful, and, Yang Yong, you have woken up, why pretend to sleep there?" Yang Yong, who had been lying motionless on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes and jumped up from the ground with a smile at the corners of his mouth. He looked at Zilei, who was still far away from him. He didn't care at all in his eyes. He stood side by side beside Bai Qi and said with a smile, "Actually, we are not without the ability to resist, although in the eyes of saints, we are just ants." But in later generations, Liu Min said that there are man-eating ants, and we are not as you think that there is no room for resistance. "After that, he breathed a sigh of relief and said," What's more, have you forgotten that you still have azure? " A word awakens the dreamer! Only then did Wang Feng remember that there was an azure sword left by the tortoise prime minister in his sleeve! It's just that the sword is practicing like a man. The whole sword looks like an ordinary sword, Wang Feng has tried, this sword in their own injection of sage-level mana, that is, the first-class sage-level mana,carnosic acid price, simply can not resist the six purple thunder at the same time. He tilted his head and glanced at Yang Yong and said, "No, I don't have the Azure Sword yet.".