"You think too much. Xuan Nanhao and I grew up together. Moreover, his grandfather was kind to my grandmother. Without his grandfather, there would be no Blue City International today. Although I don't want to marry him, we can still be friends." Liang Bing said, "If I refuse to do this, it seems too unkind and ungrateful." Gao Yanyi slightly stupefied, also some do not know how to say, Liang Bing's sudden change, obviously some let her can not adapt, however, this is always Liang Bing's private affairs, he can not say too much, took a deep breath, Gao Yanyi said: "Liang Zong, that.." I'll go with you in the evening, I'm afraid. "No." Before Gao Yanyi had finished speaking, Liang Bing interrupted her and said, "Everyone has been tired all day and needs a rest. You go to arrange a hotel for everyone to stay. Then, let everyone go to dinner and tell those people not to walk around at will at night. We will rest in Nanming tonight and go back to Seoul tomorrow." Liang Bing had already spoken to this point, and Gao Yanyi could not say anything more, nodding his head. …… Haojue French Restaurant is the most famous western restaurant in Nanming City, where all kinds of ingredients are airlifted from France every day, and there are special top French chefs to cook, and the taste is quite good. Of course, for people who like to eat, here is definitely a good place to go,Vegetable oil filling machine, but for people who don't like to eat, it's not a good place to go. At least, Ye Qian doesn't like this kind of western food very much. If he eats steak or something, Ye Qian can make do with it. But at least if it's medium well, the feeling of a knife is full of blood. Ye Qian didn't like it at all. Moreover, Ye Qian is really not very cold about the goose liver and snails in French restaurants, just like eating fried grasshoppers, leeches, cockroaches, cicadas and other foods in many parts of China,liquid bottle filling machine, even if they are delicious, Ye Qian can hardly eat them. As Liang Bing's bodyguard, Ye Qian naturally accompanied her to come, Liang Bing did not say anything about this matter, nor did he feel any strange, on the contrary, if Ye Qian did not come with her, she would feel uncomfortable and undependable. On her birthday, she actually wanted to spend it not with Xuan Nanhao, but with him. Xuan Nanhao waited in the restaurant early. For him, this is a good start, a new start. He naturally has some expectations. If he can have a good relationship with Liang Bing smoothly, then his goal can be achieved. When the time comes, if he swallows Blue City International, Jinding Group will be a real breakthrough. Under the guidance of the waiter, Ye Qian and Liang Bing walked in the direction of Xuan Nanhao. Seeing Ye Qian, Xuan Nanhao was obviously stunned for a moment. He frowned slightly and had some displeasure on his face. This boy was really not interesting at all. He celebrated his birthday with Liang Bing. What did he come to do? When he was a third wheel? Xuan Nanhao got up slowly, looked at Liang Bing with a smile and said, water bottling line ,Edible oil filling machine, "You're here. Sit down." As he spoke, Xuan Nanhao was about to pull out the chair for Liang Bing. However, Ye Qian stopped him. He smiled faintly and said, "No, I'll do it.".
"Finish, pull out the chair, let Liang Bing sit down, ~ novel txt day, hall." Chapter 2425 a little party. In the face of Ye Qian's action, Xuan Nanhao's face was obviously unhappy. However, due to Liang Bing's face, Xuan Nanhao was not good at breaking out. After all, today is to celebrate Liang Bing's birthday. He also wanted to take this opportunity to resolve the contradiction with Liang Bing and get closer. Therefore, he didn't want to get angry because of Ye Qian's rudeness, which made the dinner unpleasant. Liang Bing did not feel any surprise or surprise about Ye Qian's actions, but seemed to have known for a long time that he would do so, and in her heart, she was also somewhat silently moved. Ye Qian, of course, will not pay attention to Xuan Nanhao's embarrassment, did not look at him at all, let Xuan Nanhao a face of soy sauce color but can not attack, Ye Qian grandly sat down beside Liang Bing, grandly. Xuan Nanhao could not help but be stupefied for a moment, if there is no big opinion about Ye Qian accompanying Liang Bing, after all, Ye Qian is the security of Blue City International and has the responsibility to protect Liang Bing, but now Ye Qian is sitting down grandly in his position, which is a bit inappropriate, frowning slightly, Xuan Nanhao snorted coldly and stared at Ye Qian. Said: "Who told you to sit down, do not understand the rules, good novel:..." Ye Qian smiled and said, "Xuan.." Mr. Xuan, right? Er, I forgot to give you a formal introduction. My dear Ye Qian, it's all the security of Blue City International Security. "I know you said that during the day." Xuan Nanhao said, "Does this have anything to do with me? Besides, as a security guard, don't you even understand the basic sense of propriety? This is my birthday celebration for Xiao Bing. What does it have to do with you? What are you sitting here?" With a smile, Ye Qian said, "Don't worry, Mr. Xuan. I haven't finished yet. My first identity is the security of Blue City International. My second identity is the husband of Xiao Bingbing. Although we haven't got the license yet, we have already had a very close relationship." As he spoke, he put his arms around Liang Bing, "right, wife." For Ye Qian's intimate behavior, Liang Bing was obviously stupefied, some do not adapt, when Ye Qian's hand around her, her body obviously trembled, some nervous, but at this time did not reprimand Ye Qian, because she did not hope that Xuan Nanhao had such a misunderstanding, and there was some small joy in her heart. And Liang Bing's acquiescence, no doubt gave Xuan Nanhao a blow, Xuan Nanhao looked at him in amazement, obviously surprised,juice filling machine, frowning tightly together, he is in any case can't figure out Liang Bing would like a small security, this is too incredible. gzxilinear.com